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Many of us are frequently asked why we became Masons.  That answer will vary from Brother to Brother.    For me, it was the intrigue.  The stories I had read.  Now, I knew the Masons weren’t trying to take over the world, but the intrigue was still there.  After becoming a Mason, the more important question changed to, why did I choose to stay a Mason. 

I had a lot of things going pretty well for me.  I had a beautiful wife, 2 great kids, 2 dogs, a nice home, a secure job, and a handful of good friends.  But something was missing.  I didn’t realize what that was until after I became a Mason.  It was the brotherhood, the kind of friends that I haven’t had since leaving the military.  These guys, my Brothers, are there for me, for any of us.  And that’s something pretty amazing. 

So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for allowing me to be part of the best fraternity in the world.  I hope to continue the traditions and fellowship we have enjoyed from time immemorial.

Humbly & Fraternally,

Matthew R. Gordon, Worshipful Master

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